HR001119S0003 DARPA Presolicitation: Accelerated Molecular Discovery (AMD)

DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of autonomous molecular design to accelerate the discovery, validation, and optimization of new, high-performance molecules for Department of Defense (DoD) needs.

DARPA seeks to develop new, systematic approaches to increase the pace of discovery and optimization of high-performance molecules through development of closed-loop systems that exploit, build and integrate tools for:

  • Extracting existing data from databases and text
  • Executing autonomous experimental measurement and optimization
  • Incorporating computational approaches to develop physics-based representations and predictive tools

Solicitation Number: HR001119S0003

Eligibility: All responsible sources capable of satisfying the Government’s needs may submit a proposal for DARPA’s consideration.

Submission Deadline: Abstract Due Date: November 1, 2018, 4:00 p.m. Full Proposal Due Date: January 14, 2019, 4:00 p.m.

Award Ceiling: DARPA anticipates multiple awards. The level of funding for individual awards made under this BAA will depend on the quality of the proposals received and the availability of funds.

Period of Performance: AMD is a 48-month program divided into three Phases that are 14 month (Phase 1), 18 month (Phase 2) and 16 month (Phase 3) duration.

Focus: AMD will increase the pace of molecular discovery and optimization, resulting in tools, techniques and closed-loop systems that design novel molecules with a desired set of properties. Performer teams will develop complete closed-loop systems that exploit, build, and integrate tools for 1) extracting existing data from databases and text; 2) executing autonomous experimental measurement and optimization; and 3) incorporating computational approaches to develop physics-based representations and predictive tools.

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