Ohio Cyber Dialogue with Industry

May 7, 2019 – May 8, 2019 all-day
Hope Hotel and Conference Center
Bldg 823
OH 45433-5000
see event site
Ms. Deborah Gross, Dayton Defense

Cyber @ the Edge – 
Cyber Resilience and Effective Deterrence Strategies for the Future


Electronic commerce, communication and collaboration have transformed the fabric of global society. U.S. national interests are served by protecting the cyber ecosystem that has evolved and expanded to the edge of our daily activities. This cyber edge encompasses personal handheld devices, a myriad of internet-enabled devices, and critical infrastructure. U.S. prosperity and national security depend on open and reliable access to the cyber ecosystem. Nations and criminals that are deterred from directly confronting U.S. military strength or contesting our law enforcement resources, are using cyberspace operations in day-to-day competition to exploit a perceived advantage and harm our interests.

The 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Strategy articulates how the Department will implement the priorities of the National Defense Strategy in and through cyberspace. The strategy emphasizes cyber resilience and deterrence in the face of cyber threats and malicious cyber activities to actively, and potentially proactively, survive, preempt or defeat malicious cyber activity that targets US critical infrastructure, DoD information systems, weapon systems, and national security interests. An area of emerging capability is deliberately-engineered trustworthy and resilient systems that automatically respond at “light speed” to intercept and halt cyber threats. The Strategy also acknowledges the need to leverage Commercial capabilities where feasible to reduce reliance on expensive, custom-built software that is difficult to maintain or upgrade at the speed of the evolving threat.

Together, we will explore the emerging capabilities that artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing enable; to fight-through and fight-back against cyber threats. We will discuss the concept of “defending forward” and “Active Cyber Defense” in both military and law enforcement contexts. We will explore the multitude of opportunities, issues and risks of employing resilience and deterrence mechanisms; carefully considered across the spectrum of technical, policy, and legal domains.

See event website for more details – http://www.ohiocyberdialogue.org/index.html

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