Sustaining Ohio’s Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation in the Next Generation

The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) awarded $7.5 million in grants to six projects in round four of the organization’s Sustaining Ohio Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation Next Generation (SOARING) initiative that supports research and development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) such as personal air vehicles and logistics delivery air vehicles.

SOARING funding leverages Ohio’s unique aerospace assets to assist recipients, listed below, in overcoming critical technical barriers and business challenges to enable more widespread adoption of UAS into the national airspace. This milestone is a major move for OFRN in its mission to improve the state’s innovation economy through R&D and to lead the nation within the UAS market by supporting collaborative arrangements among businesses, academia and the government.

Projects Funded

A Hybrid Fuel Cell-Battery-Capacitor Power Source for UAS led by Kent State University in Kent, Ohio

Resilient and Secure UAS Flight Control led by Asymmetric Technologies in Columbus, Ohio

Geometrically-Complex 3D Printed Antennas for UAVs led by Youngstown Business Incubator in Youngstown, Ohio

Multi-purpose Mast/Aerial 360O radar/optical fused sensors for Perimeter Monitoring and Aerial Detect and Avoid led by GhostWave Inc. in Columbus

Computer-Human Interaction for Rapid Program Analysis through Cognitive Collaboration led by Riverside Research in Beavercreek, Ohio

Interoperability, Resiliency, and Contingency Management for Ohio UAS Operations led by CAL Analytics in Beavercreek, Ohio


Press Release February 18, 2020 The Ohio Federal Research Network awards $7.5 million in grants to advance unmanned aerial systems innovations