PC Kraus & Associates

PC Kraus & Associates offers industry and government agencies a unique group of highly talented engineers specialized in the areas of modeling, simulation, analysis, and design of interactive systems.  PCKA has four main work areas: Engineering Services, Software Tools, Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Facilities, and Hardware Prototyping and Design. This Website provides an overview of these different areas.

Gooch & Housego

G&H is a photonics technology business headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with operations in the USA and Europe. A world leader in optical designing, testing and manufacturing, we work with OEM customers worldwide, providing optical systems, assemblies and components for demanding applications, often for deployment in harsh environments.


AlphaMicron is an award-winning, global leader in liquid crystal-based light reactive technologies. Over 22 years ago, our Company was founded to pursue research and development for the Department of Defense. U.S. Air Force fighter pilots flying in and out of clouds needed a way to keep track of the data on their Head-Mounted-Displays without intermittent bouts of the display “washing-out” in intense sunlight.

SK Infrared

SK Infrared leverages innovations in single and multicolor infrared detection technology in the design and development of custom devices operating at room temperature for military and commercial applications.


Flightprofiler's technology reduces Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) and Loss of Control (LOC) by enabling VTOL, UAS, GA & ATC to effectively manage vehicle movement with respect to weather constraints.

Vertical Flight Society

The Vertical Flight Society is the world’s oldest and largest technical society dedicated to enhancing the understanding of vertical flight technology. VFS is a non-profit, charitable educational and technical organization. Since it was founded as American Helicopter Society (AHS) in 1943 — just as the first US helicopter was being put into service — the Society has been the primary forum for interchange of information on vertical flight technology.

Dayton Development Coalition

Dayton Development Coalition
The Dayton Region specializes in scientific breakthroughs that work their way into the everyday fabric of our world. Every time you board an airplane, start your car, or pop open a can of craft beer, you connect to the Dayton Region’s culture of innovation. We dream big, then we find a way to make that dream come alive. We once built it from wood and fabric; today we build it from advanced composites and carbon fiber. We create a network of fiber and data like no other in the world.