Air Force

AFOSR BAA – FA9550-18-S-0003 (Air Force funding opportunity for university researchers)

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) has released a BAA soliciting proposals for fundamental research in the U.S. Air Force Defense Research Sciences Program. This opportunity is well suited for Ohio academic researchers with Air Force-relevant interests. Projects tend to be engineering, physics, and computation-based fundamental research (e.g. materials, sensing, data science). Awards […]

SBIR 18.2 Air Force Special Topics

The 18.2 round of SBIR includes a new Air Force pilot program called “Special Topics”. Unlike traditional Phase I topics, which allow $150,000 budgets over 6 months, these special topics are faster and have a smaller budget, $50,000 over 2 months. Unlike the traditional 20-page technical volume, these require only a 5-page proposal, but also require a 15-slide […]